I am Jimin Jibao

To those of you who do not already know me I am Jimin Jibao. I have been involved in the betting industry for the last 15 years of my life and have achieved amazing success which I will happily share with you below. My betting journey for many years has been fairly reserved to myself and very selected few individuals who have been on this journey together.

Around three years ago I discovered an amazing tipster community like Blogabet & Tipstertube where you can all openly see my statistics for the many years of my career in betting. I currently have the BEST statistics on both of those platforms as a professional tipster and my results speak for themselves! Both of those platforms are 100% tested and verified and are the only ways tipsters can track their bets and their win/loss ratio.

stats are


Around plus 15000 units profit, about 55% YIELD from about 2800 picks (100% verified)


Around plus 8700 units profit, about 36% YIELD from about 2600 picks (97% verified)

These statistics clearly PROVE that I am the best Tipster in the world for PROFIT & YIELD. There is a difference of about 19% between Blogabet and Tipstertube. It is very easily explained. Blogabet allows LIVE bets and COMBO bets, while Tipstertube does not (for verified picks). Thats why in Blogabet i often post Live and Combo bets with great success. Just in July i hit a combo with odds @100. Me and my team member won some good money on it 😉

Due to Covid-19 my stats have taken a small dip in February due to the fact that betting activity has been non existent, nonetheless JUNE has seen great success and we are back to making PROFIT once again!

My Objectives

Upcoming Projects

We are working on an innovative new software that uses "AI" (Artificial intelligence) and analysis on Live Tennis games. Please contact me for details on this exciting project.

I am glad you have gotten to know me by reading the brief introduction above and I want to reach out to you and possibly collaborate on future projects that I am working on right now. So what kind of people am I hoping to hear from? Find yourself in the list below and get in touch TODAY!

  •  Stakers (EU) – Individuals who can stake in their local bookmakers around the world on my bets that I provide to them.
  • Stakers in China – Individuals who can or has contacts in China and are able to stake large stakes in the Asian continent.
  • Tipsters/Analysers – are you an expert in a sport or a low league? Can you analyse games and make good predictions? Contact me

    And also
    Bettors with large LOOSING accounts (big MINUS) accounts in some bookmakers.
  • Traders / Inside Informants – Individuals who are professionals in the world of betting and have SOLID information on games & can verify a trend of PROFITABLE betting
  • Marketing Specialists – Individuals who have a large reach to audiences in the betting industry and can promote my future projects and services.
  • Individuals who are involved in the betting industry who can be of ANY benefit to make my services the BEST in the world – If you think you have a profitable idea – CONTACT ME.

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